Vinaya Kasajoo : A brief Introduction

Vinaya Kumar Kasajoo, born in 1947, is dedicated to 'empowering people through communication, information and knowledge'. He is also well known as an author of children's literature and satirical flash fictions. He has contributed in various fields such as Community Media, Information and Communication Technology and training journalists.
He has authored many books on mass communication and journalism, power of Information Technology and its Use, and democratization of media. He has also written dozens of books on children's literature and other genres of literature in Nepali and English as well.

He is an activist and Advocate of Freedom of Expression, Right to Information and Press Freedom and has served as the Chief Information Commissioner, National Information Commission, Nepal (2008 – 2012). He has also served as the Member of High Level Media Advisory Commission (July – September, 2006), Advisor of Press Council Nepal (1995 – 1999), Member of Board of Directors of Rastriya Samachar Samiti (National News Agency), (1998.), Founding Editor of Gaunle Deurali, first rural newspaper of South Asia (1993), Director of Media Services International, Kathmandu, Advisor of Informal Sector Education Centre (INSEC), President and Founder Member Secretary of Rural Development Palpa (RDP) and Training Coordinator of Nepal Press Institute (1997- 1998).

He has also worked as Consultant of an Exploratory Activities to Prepare proposals for Improving the Capacity of Media in Nepal, Leader of the Pro-poor media team, commissioned by ESP (Enabling State Programs)/DFID in 2002, Member of the Advisory Group for preparation of Strategy Paper on Universal Access to Information organized by Institute for Integrated Development Studies (IIDS) as part of "Information Technology for Development IT Policy and Strategy Papers for Nepal" in collaboration with National Planning Commission, Nepal (2002), Consultant for Initial Impact Assessment of Community Writing and Broadcasting Project conducted by Community Literacy Project Nepal (CLPN) and World Education Nepal (WEN), (2002), Consultant for developing Media Tool Kit, to help development organizations under the project 'Micro Media and the Poor' commissioned by Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) and Media Consultant on Strengthening Prison and Penal Reform in Nepal: Exploratory Study conducted by Centre for Victims of Torture (CVICT), commissioned by DFID (June - September, 2000)

This website is a compendium and resource of his works in which he had been contributing so far. He can be surfed in websites with the following names as well: Binay or Binaya Kasaju.

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